• View point

    Base camp or viewpoint on the hiking/trekking trail is nothing. If you are enjoying the view from here, then it’s great. The view from here and there is not much difference. It’s all about the excitement and enthusiasm that you carry with you. It’s all about the memories and the journey. Basecamp is the location […]

  • best wishes

    I am helpless now but I am not sad. The train has left its track. I tried to move the train in the traditional track, but it made its own track based on its intelligence. Hopefully, it will properly reach in the better destination. Now, the train is no more under my control. It has […]

  • may be

    I suddenly got out of my imaginative zone by listening to the sound of the water bottle on the road. I saw it. It was the juice bottle. Thrown from a Hyundai Santa – a luxurious car. The car was in front of me. My mind was trying to calculate should I give the juice […]

  • dream

    wow you applied in the Ivy League university I’m afraid of being rejected before even submitting an application. Don’t you know the saying: Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star. Yes, but what if there is no stars nearby. We both smiled exchange. We were talking about the future studies. […]

  • hard work, escape, walk

    I just realized it has nearly been two month. Each time, I convinced myself, I will do tomorrow and I am not able to post anything. As I was initiating this blog, I was thinking that I would be writing at least five times a week. Now, I am realizing I was overestimating from my […]

  • Dissatisfaction

    Early morning, and rejection email, its difficult to adjust. May be I should uninstall the email app from my phone. I usually turn my wifi off during the night and as I wake up I turn it on, and the first email was from the journal. I got excited and opened it. But it was […]

  • Time dilation :)

    I don’t know why YouTube suggested me this song. Its not today by Imagine dragons and in this video the clips are from the Me Before You movie. I haven’t watched the movie. I was listening to this song, the lyrics is good but more than that, I enjoyed the video. I loved the transformation […]

  • Give a damn

    How many roads must a man walk downBefore you call him a man?How many seas must a white dove sailBefore she sleeps in the sand?Yes, ‘n’ how many years can a mountain existBefore it’s washed to the sea? The song Blowin’ in the Wind by Bob Dylan is playing in the background. It has been […]

  • Twaddling

    Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something. I don’t remember why Plato said the above sentence. But know I have to say something, its already February of 2022 and I haven’t been heard yet; noticed in this crowd. I don’t have anything to share till this […]

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